About AuctionHouseMafia

The GM and officer's would like to welcome you to our site and if you have already done so the guild.  Our main goal is to have fun and to build a team to progress through the game.  We want to keep things simple and fun but we want to get things done.  We are always open to new friends to join us on our goal.

Auction House Mafia is on the connected realms of Agamaggan, Archimonde, Burning Legion, Jaedenar, and The Underbog.  The guild it's self is from Agamaggan.

At this time we are trying to build up a team for raids to progress through the content that is out at this time and into the future content.  We want people that are seriouse about raiding, people that can carry their own weight during the raid.  Magello-Burning Legion is the Raid Leader, contact him for more information.  If he isn't on any of the other Officers can answer any questions you might have about our raiding.

On top of the PvE content we are looking for people to join our pvp group as well. We have very few pvpers at this time and want to grow this to be the same as our pve group. If you are wanting to be part of this team please contact any of the Officer's.  We are looking for someone that is confident with leading this team to victory.

If you got any questions or your looking to join us, look us up we will be happy to talk and/or invite you to join our family.

Guild News

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